Penn State commit Peter Gonzalez racks up 268 yards in win

Sep 30, 2023 - 10:42
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Penn State commit Peter Gonzalez racks up 268 yards in win

Pittsborough (BVM) - The Penn State recruiting class is getting closer as it is ranked as No. 11 in the United States for 2024 as per 247 Sports However, it seemed slightly sweeter Friday night.

Peter Gonzalez, a three-star player, threw 7 passes totaling 268 yards, with three scores in Central Catholic's win over Canon-McMillan.

The Pittsburgh native signed a contract with the Nittany Lions in June.

Gonzalez started this game with just 310 yards for the year, which was nearly double his career total following the match on Friday night and helped the Vikings improve to 6-0 on the year.

The playmaker who is the senior one was the child of Pete Gonzalez who played quarterback at the University of Pittsburgh, then played for a number of seasons with the NFL with the Steelers as well as the Colts.

Younger Gonzalez is currently paving his own path in the game, since Gonzalez was considered an elite player in his home state Pennsylvania until his breakthrough performance.

In his junior year He racked up 735 receiving yards, and scored seven touchdowns. Central Catholic finished 7-5, however, it is possible that he'll surpass those numbers during his senior season, with four games to play.

Gonzalez has been named one of the eight state commitments to Penn State in the 2024 class, however he could be one of the brightest players if the team can continue to build on this impressive season to begin his college career.

Central Catholic still has to take on a formidable Penn Hills team prior to the playoffs However, it is possible to argue that the Vikings team is among the top threats of Pennsylvania high school football, with Gonzalez playing the lead.

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