Michigan HS football player Kilburn Jr. breaking big records

Sep 30, 2023 - 10:47
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Michigan HS football player Kilburn Jr. breaking big records

GOODRICH, Mich. (BVM) Eric Kilburn Jr. was last in the news when he was a 6-foot-10 14-year-old boy who was unable to get US size 23 sneakers. Kilburn Jr.'s mother, Rebecca, spent time writing to companies like Nike, Reebok, Adidas and Under Armour to help her son find a pair of custom-made shoes. At this time, Kilburn Jr. had two nails on his largest toes removed permanently because of having shoes too small.

Presently, Kilburn Jr. is a defensive tackle in the sophomore class of 6'10 who plays at Goodrich High School. Kilburn Jr. is able to take on the sport he loves without any issues because of Rebecca's hard work.

Kilburn Jr. broke a record after Kilburn Jr. was fitted with Under Armour for its largest-ever custom cleats. Even Shaquille O'Neal himself wears smaller sizes. The company made custom cleats designed for Kilburn Jr. right as the 2023 football season was beginning.

"Playing in the custom cleats has made a huge difference in traction on the turf field and I feel really confident and comfortable in the cleats," Kilburn Jr. declared.

Furthermore, TayCo Brace is in the process of creating Kilburn Jr. the "world's largest ankle brace," TayCo Brace declared in the month of September. It will aid him in gaining ankle stability and security so that he can safely play. Mike Bean, an assistant training instructor at Notre Dame, is the creator of TayCo External Ankle Brace. TayCo External Ankle Brace.

"TayCo Brace has made Kilburn Jr. the same ankle braces that the Notre Dame team (and many other football players) wear," Rebecca stated. "I'm thrilled that he has been surrounded by individuals and companies willing to make him the equipment he needs."

Check out a video of Kilburn Jr. playing using his cleats that he designed here.

Because Kilburn Jr. is also a basketball player, Puma has agreed to test him on some of its LaMelo Basketball shoes. Because there aren't size 23 sneakers these have the designation of "Eric-size."

"Having him wearing shoes and the custom-sized brace he requires is quite honestly a dream come true," Rebecca stated. "These businesses have freed our family of stress and guilt that came from feeling we couldn't meet the essential need. They have provided him with a gift that goes beyond footwear. It's a boost to his confidence and we're extremely grateful."

There are also other records he might find soon.

Kilburn Jr. is going to attempt his Guinness World Record for a teenager who has the biggest feet According to USA Today. If he gets beyond 7 feet tall Kilburn Jr. could be able to break the Guinness record for the largest feet around the globe (Jeison Orlando Rodriguez Hernandez, who wears the US size 26 shoes at present is the holder of this record).

Kilburn Jr. may already hold the record in the world in the category of "teenager with the largest hands," however Guinness hasn't yet officially confirmed the record as per USA Today.

For the near future Kilburn Jr. hopes to set records in the field of football also. But, he's work to catch up on when he finally gets his own comfortable footwear.

"[My] dream would be to play football in college, but right now I just want to improve my skills and be the best teammate and player I can be," Kilburn Jr. declared.

Kilburn Jr.'s story has brought attention to the need for affordable custom-made shoes. A pair of custom-made shoes can cost upwards of $1,000 per pair. So, the family has a Facebook page called The Big Shoe Network and is building a nonprofit (website under construction for thebigshoenetwork.org) to connect others in the hunt for larger-than-average-sized shoes.

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