2025 Highland Home DE CJ May Commits to Notre Dame: Influenced by Friendship with Teammate

Sep 24, 2023 - 18:39
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2025 Highland Home DE CJ May Commits to Notre Dame: Influenced by Friendship with Teammate

CJ May is an Alabama resident and four-star defensive end who committed to Notre Dame on Friday - joining four-star offensive tackle Charles Jagusah and quarterback Michael Van Buren as members of their 2025 recruiting class.

May is a 6-foot-5, 250-pound defensive end ranked No. 19 by ESPN in his 2025 class class. An adept pass rusher capable of setting an edge against runs.

May told ESPN he chose Notre Dame due to both its academic reputation and strong football program, as well as due to friendship ties to freshman defensive lineman Brenan Vernon from Highland Home who also attends Notre Dame.

"Brenan has been my friend ever since we were children," May explained. "Not only is he an exceptional athlete but he also was instrumental in my decision process when discussing Notre Dame University with him and hearing all its positive aspects first-hand from him."

May is an outstanding addition to Notre Dame's recruiting class. An adaptable defensive lineman, May will come into Notre Dame and compete for starting spots immediately upon joining. He brings tremendous character qualities as an additional player he could help shape its culture as part of its starting unit.

May's commitment is further evidence that Notre Dame remains one of the top destinations for elite football players. Notre Dame has seen great recruiting success recently and should continue attracting top talent into its fold in years ahead.

Notre Dame continues to demonstrate their ability to attract recruits from throughout the United States with May as yet another proof point for its national recruiting capacity. While recent success lies primarily with recruiting players from Southern states like Florida, May's commitment demonstrates Notre Dame is becoming a national powerhouse once more.

May's decision demonstrates Notre Dame's intention of building a championship-caliber program. While recent years saw them come close, but fall just short, May shows Notre Dame is serious about reaching for national glory and will work towards that end goal soon enough.

Notre Dame football will benefit greatly from May's commitment, signalling its rise as an ascending program. Notre Dame should compete for national titles by 2025 - May is among those leading them there!

Notre Dame University Impact on its Recruiting Class

May's commitment is an enormous boost to Notre Dame's recruiting class - not only is he one of the finest defensive lineman nationwide but his four-star status makes an immediate statement of intent for Notre Dame and is further proof of how competitive its recruiters have become in recent years.

May's commitment is also evidence that Notre Dame remains a premier destination for elite football players, evidenced by recent recruitment successes as well as continued interest from top talent in recent years and expected in coming seasons.

Impact on Notre Dame Football Program

Notre Dame has shown its intent by signing May, which shows they're serious about building a championship-caliber football program in recent years but were unable to break through and win one despite coming close several times. May's commitment shows Notre Dame are serious about getting over this obstacle soon and are serious about taking steps toward national glory in near future.

May is an adaptable defensive lineman capable of filling multiple positions across Notre Dame's defense, boasting exceptional character qualities as an engaging teammate who will immediately compete for one of its starting spots upon joining. His arrival makes Notre Dame one of the strongest defense teams nationwide.


May's commitment is an impressive victory for Notre Dame football and signals their ascension as a national title contender by 2025; May is among many players expected to lead them there.

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